How Coaching Works

Shadow Work®​ Coaching can create a profound shift in behaviour, spirit, attitude, and emotional well-being. When you want to work through an issue we take you through a six-step process that begins with your goals — what you want to accomplish in relation to the goals— and ends with strategies for how to integrate what you’ve learned into your life. In between these two bookends lies a path of deep inquiry, experimentation, and emotional catharsis.

We believe Shadow Work® Coaching is successful for three key reasons:

1. Core Patterns: Shadow Work® Coaching seeks to uncover core psychological and behavioural patterns that underly issues. Once you see and shift a core pattern, it can also shift other problematic secondary patterns at the same time.

2. Risk Assessment: When it comes to change, few accomplishments come without a price. In our years of working with people, we have found that safely identifying and exploring your risks greatly increases your ability to make substantial changes. The person being coached chooses the level of risk they are willing to take. Paradoxically, we find the safer we make the coaching environment, the greater the risk a person is willing to take to get what they want.

3. A Safe Learning Environment: Coaching can be an intense experience, and the willingness to explore issues deeply, in all their facets, can be risky. We want you to feel comfortable and safe to reveal whatever you choose. As we gain awareness, we see the part that shame and blame plays in unhealthy patterns of behaviour. We work with you to reveal and positively rewire these patterns in a way that allows you to make conscious choices and responses. If blaming yourself really worked, it would have worked by now!

Shadow Work Coaching

Shadow Work®​ began as a series of group workshops held over a weekend period.

Emerging from these workshops was the demand for an individual to be able to work on issues that they find difficult to reveal in group settings. This developed into Shadow Work® Coaching.

It allows more privacy and plenty of time for a self-paced environment and can be scheduled accordingly.

Shadow Work® Coaching is also a great way of progressing one’s personal development when workshops are not available. Coaching is done face to face, or via Zoom if a personal meeting is not practical.

Coaching may involve one or two coaches.

Sessions typically last between 90 minutes and 3 hours and may run as a series. The first session is preceded by a complimentary introductory planning phone call. (and excellent opportunity to ask questions).

We begin with your goals – what you want to have happen in the session/s – and end with strategies to integrate what you have experienced into your life. In between the beginning and end is a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and deeper connection with yourself.

We believe that this form of coaching is especially suited to looking at core patterns, or thinking, or behaviour that at some level you recognize need to change. It is also particularly useful for assessing the risks that arise when faced with life transitions and challenge.